The Lions League is an esports organization who wishes to endorse and create esports competitions and events in the United Kingdom. The Lions League wishes to help build up the pro and semi pro scenes ensuring the best for the teams and players. This is the only ruleset which all teams participating inside the Lions League must abide to. This document encloses the Terms and Conditions as well as the rules of the league. This includes the following sections:


  1. General responsibilities and rules
  2. League specific responsibilities and rules
  3. Counter-strike: Global Offensive Game Specific Rule Set
  4. Team specific responsibilities and rules
  5. Player specific responsibilities and rules

This is an agreement by both parties and must be adhered to accordingly.

The Lions League is hereby also referred to as ‘League’.

The Lions League administration team including all staff pertinent to the running of the league is hereby also referred to as ‘the administration team’, ‘the admin team’ and ‘admins’.

The organization participating in the league is hereby also referred to as ‘the organization’ and ‘the team’.

The players who compete in the Lions League are hereby referred to as ‘player’ or ‘players’.


  • General responsibilities and rules

Vital for the operation of the league, the following measures must be met by all teams, organizations and players.

1.1 Age Requirements

All players on a team must be above (16/18) years of age to compete in the league by the date of the “Roster submission deadline”

1.2 Confidentiality

All conversation, both verbal and written, between the teams/players and administration remains strictly confidential. All information may only be discussed and revealed between the Lions League administration team and its counterparts.

1.3 Communication

You can communicate with the Lions League by emailing any of the league admins as found directly below or via our Discord server which can be found here:

If the League wishes to contact a team or player, they will do so with either the email provided to them at the start of the season and or via Discord.

1.3.1 Running List of Admins/Staff:


This is by no means an exhaustive list of the Lions League’s administration team; new admins may be appointed by the above names.

1.4 Territory and Region

A Player’s home country is the country where his main place of residence is. The home region is the region that this country belongs to. If a majority does not exist amongst them then they might not have a home country or home region. The Lions League administration team remains the right to grant an exception to this rule upon written request.


  • League specific responsibilities and rules

The Lions League has a responsibility to adhere to the rules stated in this document and enforce these said rules to ensure integrity, fair play and competitive spirit within the league. This is done by a vetted and trained administration team being present during all matches to enforce this rule set to the best of their ability.

2.1 Prize distribution and payment

The Lions League recognizes its responsibility to pay all teams and players on time and to the correct amount. The prize distribution is given below as a percentage for a 12 or 16 team tournament.

12 team tournaments

1st – 35%

2nd – 15%

3-4th – 10%

5-8th – 5%

9-12th – 2.5%

16 team tournaments

1st – 30%

2nd – 15%

3-4th – 7.5%

5-8th – 5%

9-16th – 2.5%

The team, organization and/or players have a responsibility to send the Lions Cup administration team an email with an invoice attached prior to payment of the above amount. Once an invoice is received the payment will be made within 30 days.

2.2 Timeliness

The Lions League aims to start all matches on time, within a minute of the stated starting time in accordance with the published schedule prior to the matches. The League Administration will enforce timeliness rules to ensure that this happens.

2.3 Server stability

The Lions League and the Administration team will do everything in our power to maximize server up time. This includes the responsibility to have the server ready for the players to join at least 10 minutes prior to the match starting.


  • Counter-strike: Global Offensive Game Specific Rule Set

All following rules are in use for all Online Lions League matches

3.1 Format Rules

The Lions Cup will be comprised of 2 stages.


  1. Group Stage
  2. Playoffs

3.1.1 The Group Stage

The group stage will be comprised of a Double Elimination GSL Format where 4 teams will compete for 2 places in the Playoffs. Seeding for the GSL Groups are based off a Lions League determined ranking score. All group stage matches are best of 3.

3.1.2 Playoffs

The playoffs will be comprised of a double elimination bracket with best of 3 matches with overtime enabled to guarantee finding a winner. The top 8 teams from the group stage will participate in these playoffs.

The seeding of the playoffs are as follows.

Quarter Final 1 – 1st place vs 8th place

Quarter Final 2 – 4th place vs 5th place

Quarter Final 3 – 3rd place vs 6th place

Quarter Final 4 – 2nd place vs 7th place

3.2 Map Pool

The Lions League will follow the ‘Active Duty’ map pool as stated by the game publisher (Valve Software). These are the 7 maps used in the major world championships and are the following:

3.2.1 Active Map Pool:








3.3 Map Veto

All map eliminations or picks are final, these decisions can not be undone once selected by the team.


  • Eliminates means to remove the map from the pool of played maps, won’t be played.
  • Picks means to select a map from the pool of played maps, will be played.

3.3.1 Best of One:

(Seeding of team, A and team B is random)


  1. Team A eliminates one map
  2. Team B eliminates one map
  3. Team A eliminates one map
  4. Team B eliminates one map
  5. Team A eliminates one map
  6. Team B eliminates one map
  7. The remaining map is played

3.3.2 Best of Three:

(Seeding of team A and team B is random)


  1. Team A eliminates one map
  2. Team B eliminates one map
  3. Team A picks one map
  4. Team B picks one map
  5. Team A eliminates one map
  6. Team B eliminates one map
  7. Uneliminated map is played

3.4 Competitive Configuration


  • 1:55 minute round time
  • 20 seconds freeze time
  • 20 seconds buy time
  • 40 seconds C4 timer
  • 30 max rounds
  • Overtime not active during group stage
  • Overtime active during playoffs
    • $16,000 start money per player
    • 3 rounds per half

3.5 Tactical and Technical intermissions

Teams are permitted to take 4 tactical pauses per map of 30 seconds of length each. These are the taken by the guideline of the Valve Major Official ruleset.

Teams are permitted to take 10 minutes of technical pause per map, after 10 minutes the paused team must have their 5-player roster on the server ready to play, teams are permitted to use their coach and/or their predetermined stand in to replace the missing member(s) after a technical pause. The game will be automatically unpaused after 10 minutes of technical time out by the server administrator.

All issues which are determined as a ‘technical issue’ by the players must be reported to the server administrator, when this is not done the pause is determined to be a tactical time-out and will deplete the paused team’s time bank.

If a player disconnects during a round, regardless of whether kills or a bomb plant has been registered the round will not be restarted, the round must be completed and a technical pause must be called by the team before the end of the current round. If a round has passed the point of freeze time, a time out of either tactical or technical nature cannot be activated until the end of the round.

3.6 Server Selection

Depending on the tournament only one server will be use per league.

Lions Cup: Chicago

This is subject to potentially change as per written request of a team at the discretion of the Lions administration team.

3.7 Integrity and Fair play

To instill competitive integrity in all Lions League matches the following rules will be subject to a strike system, where the team/player in question will be handed formal warnings in accordance to the rule broken. This may lead to a forfeiture of prize money for the certain team/player. This is decided at the discretion of the Lions League administration team. Teams, players, organizations including the staff within them, as well as the staff of the Lions League adhere to the following rules to ensure the utmost highest integrity within the league:


  1. Players must appear in the game lobby 15 minutes before their match begins for the map veto to begin. This is set by the server administrator when your match is scheduled.
  2. The match start time will be determined by the server administrator, every match will start at this designated time precisely. A player must join the server before this time, and a recommended minimum of 5-10 minutes before this start time. Any player who is not on the server before the start time of the match is in breach of the ‘no show’ rule, the team in question will be handed penalty points and the game will force start.
  3. Players must not use any external software which changes how the game functions, especially in the cases in which the software gives a competitive advantage, examples of external software is listed as but not limited to:
    1. Visual assistance software
      1. Wallhack
      1. Radar assistance
      1. Flashbang removal/reduction
      1. Colored models
  4. Aim assistance software
    1. Aimbot
    1. No recoil
  5. Other Software
    1. Sound changes
  6. This is not an exhaustive list, other software may be considered as malicious external software which is to be determined at the discretion of the administration team, at any time, during or after the alleged match.


  1. Match fixing is strictly forbidden. Betting on matches within the Lions League in any capacity is strictly forbidden, this includes giving insider information to someone who then bets, with or without financial gain. This includes any member of the organization including but not limited to Players, managers, coaches, owners, friends, family. The listed are forbidden from being associated with, taking part or having involvement in any betting or gambling while participating in Lions League.
  2. Players must play to the best of their ability at all times through a match.
  3. Players are forbidden to partake in discriminatory behavior which targets an individual’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, family responsibility, or physical handicap.
  4. A team must not allow a ringer to impersonate the active roster player they are replacing; a stand-in is permitted but must be stated before the match. The impersonator being a banned or disallowed player is subject to further punishment.
  5. Players must use their gamertag as submitted before the tournament begins, in accordance with all branding, social media and broadcast uniformity.
  6. ‘Stream sniping’ or any similar method to obtain information that otherwise shouldn’t be known by a player or coach is strictly forbidden.
  7. Abusing an in game ‘bug’ is forbidden if it changes the implied competitive nature of the game, boosts are considered competitive nature, and innovating strategy is also classified as competitive nature.
  8. Players must seek and be granted permission to live stream a Lions League match. This can be sought by a member of the Lions League administration team and this permission can be denied and/or revoked.
  9. It is forbidden for a player who has received a VAC ban in the past 2 years to compete.
  10. It is forbidden for a player who has been banned by Valve for match fixing or any breach of their rules surrounding integrity and fair play within CS:GO in the past 2 years to compete.
  11. A player must inform the server administrator regarding a protest to the result for any reason before their next match has begun, this could be for any reason including suspecting the opposing team of cheating or match fixing.
  12. Teams who drop out and don’t participate in the tournament after agreement will be subject to full forfeiture of funds accumulated throughout the Lions League.
  13. Doping is strictly forbidden. The World Anti-Doping Agency has published a list of prohibited substances and methods which is used for the Lions League and can be found following this link: ‘’

Serious cases of doping, including the usage of performance enhancing drugs, will be dealt with by immediate disqualification from the Lions League and all future associated tournaments and leagues. If a player’s active prescription medication is detailed within the restricted substances list, it can be excused by the Lions League with written consent before the tournament begins permitting proof of the active prescription is given to the administration team.

Refusal of doping testing will be considered doping and will be treated as a severe case of substance abuse thus subject to the same disqualification and penalization as a caught substance abuse test.

It is also strictly forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol or any other psychoactive drugs during a live match.

3.8 Administration Standards

If you have a query surrounding a specific rule/set of rules including if a future decision made will be in breach of the Lions League ruleset, please contact a server administrator about this query as all punishments will be final once handed out, negligence is not an excuse to being in breach of the rule set. By playing in the CS:GO Lions League you agree to all the rules stated in this document, to be interpreted at the discretion of the server administrator.

Please remember that rules and punishments are evaluated at the discretion of Lions administration and server administration, all Lions employees, management, directors and administration partners and moderators can be considered Server administrator throughout the duration of all Lions League Tournaments.


  • Team specific responsibilities and rules

Teams and organizations have a specific responsibility to uphold the highest standards within their network as follows.

4.1 Team responsibility

Teams and organizations who participate in the Lions League are expected to adhere to the rules throughout this document and pledge to hold the players and staff within their organization to the highest standard while participating in the Lions League or associated tournaments, projects or media. Failure to do so may mean forfeiture of some or all prize money or suspension or exclusion from the current or future tournaments. The relevant rules referred to which could lead to such consequences are partially explained in the section titled ‘Integrity and Fair play’. All organizations, players, teams and staff must adhere to these rules.

4.2 Media and Advertisement

Teams are required to have at least one player made available for advertisement, interview, comment and content per week for a set period of time determined by Lions League officials, this time will be capped at 20 minutes per week per team.

If your team does not have a website or social media the League will create a custom website for your team. You will have web login details to your domain and you can custom edit the Teams site.


  • Player specific responsibilities and rules

Players within the Lions League must adhere to all of the rules detailed in the above sections. The most relevant rules to player specific responsibilities are detailed under the section titled ‘Counter-strike: Global Offensive Game Specific Rule Set’, this is outlined in full above.

In addition to these rules which must be adhered to at all times, the following regulations and guidelines also apply:

5.1 Nicknames

Sponsor tags are disallowed but permission may be given at the discretion of the administration team. However, this requires written consent. In addition, nicknames are forbidden if they are a breach of copyright or trademark law by a third-party who does not give written consent to use it. Be thoughtful with your nickname and don’t purposely intend to offend any party. If the administration team requests you change your nickname you must do so with immediate effect.

5.2 Player Accounts and information

Every Player must have his game account and requested personal information entered into a document as given by the Lions Cup admin team. This is including but not limited to name, contact details, game account ID and game account IDs for 3rd party sites and platforms which are used to run Lions Cup tournaments.

Any changes to the Team must be pre-approved by the League Admins. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Adding or removing players
  • Changing the team name
  • Changing the team logo

Any proposed changes to the Team name, logo, tag or Player nicknames must be requested at least 48 hours before the next scheduled match for the Team/Player at issue. It is a player’s responsibility to also keep all personal information up to date. Prompting to ensure this gets done will be done by the administration team.